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As a couple, Uchimura and his best friend often go to each other's house to study in groups, to help both of them progress and improve their academic results in class. But that was just the initial goal that both of them set. When it came to practice, it was completely different and did not happen as expected. Studying less and having sex a lot. I haven't seen any improvement in my academic results, but my love making skills and my passion for sex have increased rapidly. The beginning of this story was the day when her best friend suddenly opened the door and saw him watching sex while sitting next to a cute little laptop. So all thoughts of studying had completely disappeared, replaced by the boiling excitement between the young man who had not yet finished masturbating and the beautiful and lustful woman who was at an age curious about sex. Of course, a love affair that started the next series of days was inevitable.

HEYZO-0926 Fucking my mom's best friend
HEYZO-0926 Fucking my mom's best friend
 Movie Code: HEYZO-0926 
 Actor: Rina Uchimura 
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